Pisces Grey 16mm PRO SERIES

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RM38.00 MYR RM45.00 MYR

A radial decorative pattern contacts lens for the creative, friendly, kind and caring Pisces.
Pisces series is a new addition to the "Eurasian" eye effect collection
This series from B.Eyesland has a limbal ring which is very effective for creating contrast to the eyes.
Minimal enlargement effect to create a more enticing look.
Comes in three natural colours for "The giver" horoscope sign---Pisces.
Brown: Slightly reddish for a more "alert" eyelook.
Choco: Soft warm tone chocolate colour for a loving eyelook.
Grey: Stone grey for a mysterious, cool vibe.

Pisces series (Pro)
Replacement: 3 months disposable
Powers: Plano(0.00), -1.00 to -8.00
BC: 8.6mm
Water content: 42%
Material: Silicone Hydrogel
Diameter Effect: 16mm
Eye Power