Naked Black 14mm

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RM30.00 MYR

Looking for a colour contact lens series that is bare-faced friendly?
Check out Naked series from B. Eyesland!
This is the series that is perfect for everyday wear to provide some liveliness to the eyes.
Naked series does not have enelarging effect and complicated decorative pattern.
This series slightly enhances your eyes without changing the natural characteristics of the iris.
It comes in two natural colours
Brown: Slightly lightens the natural iris into a warm tone brown colour.
Black: Natural dark Asian iris colour which creates a slight contrasting effect to the white of the eyes.

Replacement 3 Month Disposable
Powers Plano (0.00), -1.00 to -8.00
Fitting BC: 8.6mm
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Eye Power