Capricorn Grey 14.5mm PRO SERIES

RM38.00 MYR RM45.00 MYR

Capricorn series is a strong candidate in the Natural collection.
Capricorn series from B.Eyesland is basic at first sight but you will definitely discover its charm.
The soft gradient colour which concentrates at the outer rim makes a strong contrast with the eye-white.
If you observe closely, you will find sparse glitter decorative pattern which is really enchanting.
Brown: Choco-brown colour suitable for everyday and any occasion.
Grey: Blue tone grey which is pretty opaque.
Taupe: Taupe colour which is love by all! A much cooler tone compare to the brown colour.

Capricorn series (Pro)
Replacement: 3 months disposable
Powers: Plano(0.00), -1.00 to -8.00
BC: 8.6mm
Water content: 42%
Material: Silicone Hydrogel
Diameter Effect: 14.5mm
Eye Power